About us

What is Motionhawk?

MOTIONHAWK is a company fully engaged into video production and video promotion across Internet and YouTube in particular.

We are the ones who will create the voice of your company, breath a new life into your product or service. We're designers, script writers, motion designers, illustration designers, engineers,authors, inspirers, animation designers and hard workers. Here we are - always at your service!

With such a diverse team of unusual and talented personalities we bring a unique luggage of experience, knowledge and know-hows to everything we do and create

Our doors are open to anyone who is ready to discover the rising power of video advertising. We'd be glad to be your guide in that!

We strive to discover and implement various video production which allow us to create even budget videos with great, elaborate script exquisite content.

Making a good video does cost time and money, but we strive to make it available to anyone: either it is Fortune500 company or a small, local business company.

Applying creativity and technical skills together combined with the best software tools we have in our disposal - it is all about providing complete production and marketing services with significant impact!

Who we are

MOTIONHAWK was created in 2013 by a team of common minded techical, marketing and video production professionals. We are happy to be able to keep up with trends, latest novelties, and at the same time to stay focused on the things that will always be significant.

It is true to claim that some of our designers have experience of working with eminent TV and film studios. But we truly believe in one fundamental principle - keep it simple and cool. This applies to everything we create - would it be an explainer video or product promotion clip. No unnecessary pathos, no odd special effects, no novelties overload.

Clarity, ease-of-perception, simplicity, elegance and honesty - that is what we value and celebrate.

We are passionate about advertising, video production & promotion, and helping other businesses grow their presence and branding online. That is, perhaps, the most grateful and inspiring part of the business we do.

Our goals? They have always been the same: stay cool, keep it simple, be honest, be healthy perfectionists, keep on learning, care about details and quality, give back, and treat our people and clients right.

Meet the team
Dmitry Baranov
CEO & Founder
Vladimir Yeschenko
Business Development Director
Carrie Markson
Alex Kratinski
Motion Designer & Production
Colin Ader
Sound Engineer
Ksenia Illy
MENASA Region Head